Thursday, February 23, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Today is the last day of my Winter Break.
My car has been parked in the same spot for five wonderful days!

I am convinced that I could stay home for weeks at a time.
All I need is someone to bring me groceries.
I absolutely love this house and I absolutely love being here.

Something very strange has happened during these sweet, quiet days.
I have no explanation for it and I know that it will cause great concern to all who know me well.

I have risen early...well early-ish every day.  Without giving away the exact time lets just say I've been up and going well before the morning news shows are done. 

I have gotten so much done around this house by the lake lakelit lakette big giant pond.

I have cleaned rooms and clothes.
I have stripped wallpaper from multiple (8) long walls.
I have vacuumed and steam cleaned carpets and cooked dinner (well maybe just once but I can't get all this stuff done if I have to stop working to cook).
I have sewn blankets and burp pads and I have crocheted a baby blanket, hat and boots. Not booties. Boots!
And I have spent some quality time on Pinterest.
But that was mostly work related. Well, some of it was.

Sadly, it all ends tonight.
Tomorrow is another work day. A day full of fabulous sitting. All day.

I won't publish my thoughts on what TPTB have planned for us tomorrow. I need this job for at least three more years. And that's all I'm going to say about that!

I just hope the fast food restaurants located between the two sites the entire elementary staff for the county has been assigned has been notified that all bazillion of us will be hungry and in a hurry.

It is a little know fact that teachers live for those days when we get to eat lunch like grown-ups.

Just sayin'..................