Monday, October 28, 2013

Comments From a Coma - Alternatively titled - I Heard What You Said About Me

Just so you know...

Comas are strange places to live.

Life there is a bizarre and distorted existence.

I am sure that I will never completely process
my time spent there and it is a place I hope never 
to revisit.

I do know this one thing however.

I heard what you said about me. Your words penetrated the
confusion and were a comfort and lifeline.

I heard you say that you loved me.
I heard you tell me to come back.
I heard your conversation with each other.
And I heard your sweet laughter. 

Just in case you ever need to know...
They can hear you.
They NEED to here you.

But watch what you say because...

I heard what you said about me and it will be used against you. 

(Insert evil grin here because Coma-0 Sense of Humor-1)

Just sayin'........................

P.S. A more serious post will be forthcoming. It is difficult to see the keyboard through teary eyes.