Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Sometimes heroes come in small packages

Sometimes a kindergarten teacher may be a little squeamish about smushing bugs.
Sometimes the thought of the crunchiness and the guts will make a kindergarten teacher unwilling to step on the half-dollar sized spider.

Sometimes a very wise kindergarten teacher will cheerfully yell, “Who wants to come squash this big, fat brown spider?”

Always, an eager little hero will rush forward.

Sometimes that hero will be a  girl whose red hair is gilded with gold.

And sometimes that sweet, innocent, beautiful child will turn into a ninja and grind that hairy spider into the carpet with her sparkly, pink light up tennis shoes.

And then she will check the bottom of her shoe for guts and walk demurely back to her place in line.

And ALWAYS, the teacher will struggle to keep a straight face while thanking her little hero!