Sunday, February 22, 2009

After a week long break from work the prospect of getting back to the daily grind on Monday is a depressing thought. Actually, I wouldn't mind so much if I were getting back to my classroom and the little munchkins. Instead I'll be enduring three mind numbing-how to be a better teacher-sessions. At least I can sit there and think about all of the projects I was able to get done last week. The one good thing about these kind of in-service days is the compassion it gives me for the little children I teach. I wonder what part of the day they dread. I think I'll ask them and get back to you with their responses which I am sure will be brutally honest. At least I do know that so far I am the best teacher they ever had....I know because they tell me. Who cares if they are only five and six years old......just saying.

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