Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just lately I have been overwhelmed with the feeling that life is moving at a faster pace than I would like. I am selective about the change I welcome into my life. I enjoy new beginnings like the excitement of a new school year or a new hairstyle, but when it comes to-my people-I prefer that things stay familiar and comfortable.

My three children are four years apart in age so I've always thought that the nest would empty gradually. Not so. For most of the last 9 months I have assumed that Shorty will be leaving in July with Bud not far behind in August leaving me and Lee Lee alone to rattle around a formerly busy house. Shorty will be married June 13 and I couldn't be happier with the man God has chosen for her. However, I have so enjoyed the relationship we have grown into and the presence of her and her sweet, sweet Five-O. I just know that I will miss out on so many good jail house and crazy kid stories. More than that...I know that I will miss their daily presence.

Bud has decided to stay home and attend school in town for the next 2 years so I have a bit of a reprieve there. He too has grown into an adult that I enjoy spending time with. Recently I read some scholarship recommendations written about him and I was brought to tears by the knowledge that others see the same great young man that I do. I don't expect him to spend huge amounts of time sitting around the house but it's nice to think that he'll be laying his head down here at night.

Lee Lee will most likely be the one who flies the furthest from the nest. From very early on I've said that her middle name should have been Go. She has always had a need for independence and a curiosity about what was just over the next hill.

Although there have been plenty of times that I would have cheerfully shipped them all off to summer camp, winter camp, fall camp or whoever would take them, I never really believed that they would grow up and become independent, responsible adults able to survive on their own...just saying.

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