Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Her eyes opened at the first sound of his voice.

She smiled and nodded when I said, “Daddy’s here.”

As he leaned over and kissed her brow she whispered “Hello Angel.” “Did you know you’re my best girl?” he asked. They smiled at each other for a moment before her eyes closed again.

Sometimes it is the tender moments that are hardest to watch.

I have seen those tender and loving moments many times before.

My parents have shown their tenderness for each other in word and action many times before. He lights a fire for her even on warm days because he knows she chills easily. She worries that he isn’t wearing a jacket and fusses until he turns back for one.

Even so, my mom and dad have a routine and a pattern to their conversations.

It goes something like this.
My dad says something.
My mom tells him that he is wrong.
He agrees with her.

If you know them you are smiling. Not only because you know I am right but also because you too have been told you were wrong. And you too just chose to agree. Smile.

This moment was different though.

You see, she was in a hospital bed swimming through a haze of left over anesthesia and pain meds that were keeping her comfortable. He was struggling through a storm of fear and exhaustion.

It was an intimate moment. One of those times when you know that your presence has retreated to the periphery.

A moon to their world.

Just sayin'

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