Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Kindergarten Krud

It has been a long week.

I have been sick but oh so busy!

I don't know why teachers hate to take a day off when we are sick.
Maybe because it seems like such a waste of a day off?
It is a good thing we aren't paid to be logical about every single thing.

It really is a mystery how I got sick.

I don't want to point fingers at any known nose pickers but 
I have been sick all week and he/she/they started it.

After 20+ years with kindergarteners I should have an immune
system medical researchers discuss in reverent tones.

Not to mention the fact that this school year
for totally unrelated reasons we wash hands,
tables and doorknobs and use hanitizer
(kindergarten for hand sanitizer)
from jumbo sized containers more often than Adrian Monk.

It has been an an orchestra of symptoms building to a crescendo
towards the end of this week. I made it through the work day
Friday without crying or using inappropriate words at school
but it was a little iffy towards the end of the day.

When I am sick the last thing I want to do is talk.
That is when it becomes inconvenient to be a teacher
because I am pretty sure that it is against the rules to sit in
a rolling chair and stare blankly at 20 or so students.

It is possibly also dangerous but that is a story for another day.
It involves a chair, a student, an unsuspecting innocent teacher,
a VERY unsupportive co-worker (just kidding, Brandy)
and a possible worker comp claim.

Stay tuned.
It is a great story.
One that happens Only IN Kindergarten.

Just sayin'.................................................

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