Monday, January 6, 2014

Just Another Day In The Life Of...

My family is alternately laughing at me 
and shaking their heads in my direction.

It might have something to do with my less than stellar vision. 

It's really not nice to laugh at people with
poor eyesight but they are quite amused and 
unwilling to hide their mirth. 

My baby girl's boyfriend, who is usually
way nicer to me than the people who live here,
is even looking at me with poorly concealed
laughter in his eyes.

Nobody seems concerned by the fact that I have
had difficulty seeing all day. 

I drove in the dark this morning 
to a hospital to supervise the
cardiologist treating my oldest daughter.

(That's a whole different post but he did okay. 
He says she is fixed and that is music to this mama's ears!)

I watched heart monitors, crocheted a hat for the grandson,
held multiple text conversations, drove home, evaluated possible
curtains for the den and cooked dinner only burning one finger 
in the process.

I did all of that with a definite squint, people. 
Because it's hard for me to see.

I keep forgetting to make an appointment for my 
yearly eye exam. 

I blame the coma.

In fact, I haven't been able to see clearly all day and it has just about
driven me the rest of the way to crazy.

I have had poor eyesight most of my life and have been
known to express my frustration at this inability to see
clearly in a loud and inappropriate voice. 

Or at least a gusty sigh

Anyway, I finally had a minute to relax by reading some very
entertaining Facebook comments concerning the failure
of our school board to cancel school due to the anticipated
cold weather. (By the way-It's wind chill NOT wind shield
in case you too are confused as to the correct terminology. 
Just sayin'..........)

"I have GOT to make an eye appointment," I may or may not
have yelled as I yanked my glasses from my face to clean 
the lenses. 

In accordance with my policy of attack first
because offense is the best defense,
the very next thing I uttered was, 

"Why didn't any of you tell me I was missing a lens?" 


I've been walking around all day with no right lens. 

That might explain why I burned my fingers.

Now I just need to explain how it never occurred to me
to wonder why my eyesight diminished so drastically overnight.

Oh I know. 

It's the coma again. 

Just sayin'................


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