Sunday, April 5, 2015

Looking For The Words

This one is for you-my quiet pray-er, real live author and old softball slinging friend. It took many nights of prayers dancing with fears and angels but it is time for me to look for the words again.

It is time to practice what I preach to the 
kindergartners I with whom I spend my days.

We can do hard things.  

Nearly a year and a half away from the coma 
that nearly robbed me of them it remains 
difficult still to move words from my heart to paper.

What once was effortless is now more deliberate and hard
and for almost nineteen months now I have rarely had the
energy to visit these pages.

Laboring so over something once so 
easy can be discouraging and Lord knows I haven't had
the inclination to fight any battles that were optional in

The process is much harder now. The words and sentences
hide from me and I spend most of my time here backspacing,
retyping and rewording.

Spelling never my strong suit is now even more

Words that once danced from my fingertips to the correct keys of
my computer now spin a little out of control and often require stern
direction to find their way.

It occurs to me though, that I have more to say and however difficult it may be, weakness becomes strength only through hard work of one kind or another.

So maybe I'll come here more often and type and backspace and type and re-type.

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