Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day-2010 Part 1

Father's Day was our first family gathering
without her at the house she and my father
designed and built for their later years.

She left us just before Mother's Day so on
that day we chose to gather at my brother's
house in the woods.

It was somehow easier to be there under those trees.
All gathered together around the big picnic
table my brother built.

We looked at cards, read letters aloud and
touched the prayer quilt sewn by prayer
warriors who prayed for a woman, a wife,
a mother, a grandmother and a sister
they had never met. 

"What a waste," said the voice in my head. 
"She died anyway."

I think you would recognize that voice.
It's the voice that tells you that you
aren't good enough, smart enough,
brave enough or pretty enough.

It is the voice of the Liar, who would
love nothing more than to stop us
from praying.

What I heard in my head I refute with
my heart.

For you see, my mother left this earth
with dignity and without struggling
through months of suffering.

And that was an answered prayer.

More importantly though......
My mother did not die.....
She just doesn't live here

So, even though
I miss her so very much.....
What more could you
pray for?

Just sayin'.

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