Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wednesdays Project

Sooooooo, I'm determined to make every day count this summer.  Usually somewhere around July 25 I realize that the summer is almost gone and I haven't started any of the projects I put on my To-Do list back in May. 

This year I have vowed to be productive every lots of days this summer.

One characteristic I have honed to a finely tuned quality is my ability to
procrastinate.  Yeah.  I'm good at it.

Wednesday's project was to take this,

and turn it
into a planter.

Luckily, my fabulous husband
introduced me to this. It's called
an orbital sander and it's way
 better than sandpaper!


This is what I ended
up with after about
30 minutes.

After a little black paint
I ended up with this. 
Painting the wheel was
the hardest part of the
whole project.


Finally, I used this
to drill holes for drainage,
added some store bought
dirt and some flowers.


This is what I ended up with
and I am quite happy with it. 
I had planned to put it next
to our mailbox but I am afraid
it might disappear like the
antique push mower we put
there last month.

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