Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More About The Brother

Two of my favorite people took a walk a few days ago.

The man on the left is my brother. He has cheated death
more times than I care to count. I believe God has a few
plans for him.

After weeks-literally weeks- of watching over him as he
struggled to heal and to wake safely from a coma it is
more incredible than you know to see him walking.

Better than watching him walk though, is the sound of his voice!

My brother has a long way to go to reach full recovery.
He is staying with the other man in the photo.

My father.

My dad and sister are juggling tax season along with caring
for my brother. He has physical therepy, occupational therepy,
dental appointments, vision exams, weight to regain and lots
of other things I'm sure I don't know about.

Thanks, Sis!
Thanks, Dad!
Thanks, little brother for coming back to us!

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