Monday, August 8, 2011

An Anniversary

Today is a special day for me.

I am never able to adequately express just how much this day means to me.

Very few people 'get it'.

Today is my anniversary
and it means more to me than my birthday.

This day has defined my life and
represents my blessings
both past and present.

On August 8, 1962
God gave me a family.

I was given a mom and a dad
and a heritage.

I was given a big brother
and a big sister and although no one knew it that day,
I was also given a baby brother.

I am ever mindful that on that day
I was also given the family I would cherish as an adult.

The journey of life as a Hargrove brought me to

my own children,
those they love and
the children of their future.

On this day I miss my mom more than any other.

I'd give almost anything to hear her say one more time,
"I'm so glad you're mine."


Today is a special day for me.

Just sayin'.........


  1. We were so excited the day you came to live with us. Tom & I raced to see who could touch you first. I don't remember who won I just remember the joy of holding you for the first time. What a journey we have shared my sweet sister. I love you and I miss her too.