Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just To Hear Her Voice

I have tried to avoid writing
yet another sad post.

I don't want to make
my family feel

Today though,
I am afraid
if I don't write it
the tears won't

Again today,
I reached for
the phone that
lay on the seat next
to me.

My hand hovered just above
before I remembered....

I detest that moment....
when I remember
she isn't there.

I call anyway sometimes.
Just to hear her voice.

You've reached the Hargrove residence......

If I close my eyes
and quiet my soul

I can still hear her voice.

I hear it say, "My precious angel".

You are never done with
the ones you love.

Time moves too

No matter how
I cursed it.

No matter
how many
I sat,
on watch,
time, like ocean waves,
crashed and tumbled on.

I breathed when she

And when she stopped
My heart broke.

She wasn't perfect.

But she was mine.

And I still miss her.

I wasn't done yet.

Just sayin'.................

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