Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Many teachers welcome the new school year in with a mixture of nerves and excitement. They may buy new clothes and new shoes much like the students they will soon meet. 

Teachers of the youngest students experience that same nervous excitement but we pass on the new shoes. We have all learned the hard way to wear our most comfortable, foot friendly shoes.

Teacher of older kids (I'm thinking 6th grade and up) can perch on the edge of a desk as they conduct the first few school days. They may even sit in a real chair once during the day.

Each grade level has it's own advantages and disadvantages and for the most part we are all teaching right where we most comfortably fit. 

However, this time of year I feel a minute twinge of envy towards those whose students are old enough and coordinated enough to button their own shorts.

The envious feelings pass quickly when I remember the hormones and drama that lie ahead of my middle school and high school colleagues.

Elementary teachers assigned to the youngest and newest of students spend the first few weeks of school talking and walking and talking and chasing and talking and hip checking and talking and running and talking and lunging.

And talking.

Today I wore a comfortable pair of shoes to start out my day.

After an hour I changed into the heavily padded, soft and squishy shoes I had packed in my school bag that morning.

By the end of the day I threatened to return tomorrow riding a Hoverround!

I like this one. The basket is cute and I have always wanted a sporty red vehicle. The seat looks comfy and arm rests are always nice.

But then I saw this one!

With this baby I could totally dominate the hallways. No more stressing as I weave through the lunchroom trying to get the lunchbox kids to the right table, be sure everyone gets a vegetable AND a fruit AND trying to remember everyone's first and last name because the kids sure don't remember them.
"Everyone follow my tank Hoverround" I could shout. Sadly, I realized that the BOE probably wouldn't appreciate all the special attributes the tank big Hoverround has to offer.

Suddenly this sweet ride caught my eye.
Now THIS is a ride fit for a kindergarten teacher. 
We never have enough time to go to the bathroom anyway.

Just sayin'..................

P.S.- I don't know how to make that big white box go away and frankly, I'm too tired to care anymore.

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