Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

It's raining here in Warner Robins...The sky looks angry right now.
Remember when I used to call you to tell you that bad weather was headed your way? You and daddy didn't have cable and the only channel you ever watched was WMAZ out of Macon.
If they weren’t airing a mystery you weren’t watching.
You never understood why people left their TVs on all day and I always worried that bad weather would catch you and daddy off guard.
And so I always called…
Hey Mom, bad weather is headed your way. Why don’t you turn on the TV so you'll know what's happening? 
I always heard the smile in your voice when you said. "Honey, your daddy and I are fine. We've been dealing with bad weather all our lives." 

I miss you, Mama.
Love Ann Marie

Dear Mom,
I'm mad that people who still have their mamas aren’t soaking in and treasuring every moment. I'm mad that they aren’t hiding the memories in their hearts. I’m mad that I had to say good-bye to you before I was ready.

I’m just mad.

I miss you mama.
Love Ann Marie

Dear Mom,
I realized today that I didn’t get a birthday present from you and dad this year.
I cried in the car when it hit me.
I wasn’t crying because I didn’t get a present.
I cried because you were the one who remembered the birthdays and anniversaries.
I cried because I didn’t have a mama here on earth.
I cried because you weren’t here to say…..Happy Birthday my precious angel. I’m so glad God gave you to me.

Oh Mama, I’m so glad God gave us to each other.

I miss you mama.
Love Ann Marie

Dear Mom
They told us today that lots of our fellow teachers will be losing their jobs.
They reminded us to be grateful that we still have a job.
I'm grateful
but I resent being told how to feel from a person who makes thousands and thousands into the tens of thousands more than I do.
It's a sad day for education in Georgia.
We just lost much of the ground our state has made over the last 20 years. Our class sizes will now be larger and our resources will be cut to the bone. Today’s kids aren’t like kids were 20 years ago.
They expect to be entertained.
They do not expect to work hard.
They expect to live a life with no negative feedback or failure of any kind.
Everybody gets a trophy in today’s world.
You always knew how to commiserate while encouraging. You knew the battles teachers fight and what it was like in the trenches.
It meant so much to me that you thought I was a good teacher
because YOU were a good teacher.

I miss you Mama.
Love Ann Marie

Dear Mom,
I woke this morning with a prayer for you on my lips.
“Dear Lord, please be with my Mama today. She hasn’t been able to eat and she doesn’t feel well. She is weak and frustrated."
The realization that you no longer needed my prayers and that you died from the monster that kept you from eating kicked me right in the middle of the stomach.

It hurt.

I miss you Mama,
Love Ann Marie

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  1. Well said! It always gives me tears to read your posts. Just as She was, You are One Of A Kind Special too Ann. Keep writing we will all keep reading. Thanks so much for sharing. Much Love and Prayers, Glenda