Monday, May 24, 2010


The last three days of any school year HAVE to be the longest of the year.
EVERYONE is done for the year…
students and yes,
teachers and administrators.
We are all in that curious state of brain fog brought on
by spring fever and the stresses of testing.

Today I left my house while holding an ice pack to my head.
Starting the fifth day of a migraine found me
a little unsteady on my feet,
feeling sorry for myself and
irrationally angry with the world.

My friend took one look at how I had
accessorized my outfit......
with an ice pack
and groaned.

She knows that bringing an ice pack
to work is not a good sign.

And today I brought three.

I’ve had a demanding class this year and together
we have weathered more than a few upheavals.

Even so,
this particular group of kids has brought me great joy
and has taught me some very important lessons about loving each other
and laughing with each other.

It is amazing how laughing with children
can give teacher and child both a sense of belonging
and can build a family.

I have laughed with them and yes,
I have laughed at them.

You see, they don’t always know when they have said something that
tickles the funny bone of an adult and sometimes an
inappropriate comment from a child who just doesn’t know any better
can make even the most stoic of us hide a smile.

I have enough stories about children and the funny things they say
to fill a book or two.

I teach in a very special school with very special people. 
We love, support, pray for and take care of each other. 

I have said many times that there must be a sign somewhere
on the busy road near our school that directs the unusual
and even the crazy
our way.

I think crazy happens to us because God 
knows that we take care of each other

This is what I love best about our school. 
The unusual and the crazy make life interesting! 
Things happen here that don’t happen anywhere else
and teaching kindergarten age children only serves to
intensify that phenomena.

Another co-worker who also happens to be a friend recently
coined the acronym-

Some things happen Only in Kindergarten.
Some things are said Only in Kindergarten.


Today in my room we discovered an entire 1 lb package of ham in one student’s cubbie. It had been opened, the ham removed and placed on top of the package. 

It apparently had been there since last Thursday.


Of course, it didn’t really look or smell like ham anymore and
in fact it was several different shades of green, yellow and black.

And of course, no one knew how it got there.
So....we did the only thing that made sense. 

We went around to the other kindergarten classrooms
and offered to
share our ham

if someone else could provide the bread.........OinK

Later on, I let the children play with some play dough that they were taking home today.
One of my boys decided to make a hat.

He also decided to try it on.
I spent several minutes combing play dough from his hair.

He just wanted to see if his hat would fit…..OinK

This all happened in the first hour of our day.
Stay tuned for more OinK
It's guaranteed to make you smile...

Just Sayin'............

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  1. All I can say is, "Thank God for ice packs!". And Blessings for all the teachers out there.