Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Sweet Kids

Saturday morning Tony woke me after he had finished his shower.  Smelling of Ivory soap, which is the cleanest smell in the world, he snuggled up and told me that he had decided we should spend the day in Macon. He thought we should go let me pick out something special for my Mother's Day present instead of working in the four yards we find ourselves responsible for these days. 

FOUR yards.  Don't ask.

Being the incredibly intelligent person that I am, I immediately agreed that we needed a day of leisure instead of sweating our way through mowing and weed- eating multiple lawns.

So, off we headed to spend money on ME. What a great husband! 

On the way to the mall he spotted a Harbor Freight which is basically a tool/gadget/junk store that caters mostly to the male species.

Yeah, we pulled in.........for two hours.

Who doesn't love a lighted magnifying glass with two attached alligator clips or a circular spinning organizational tower?

After that, we headed off to the Macon Mall.  

I don't know why we did it.

I hadn't been there in a few years and had no idea just how bleak it has become.   It was okay though.  The Peanut Buster Parfait I ate made things seem a little better.

After that we wandered around another mall...

After that, we headed home.

But first we had to stop by a car auction and look at lots of old beat up trucks.
It was hot and the salesman was annoying.  He followed us around in a golf cart and answered each question we asked with a tone of voice that suggested that we were stupid for asking.

Did I mention that it was hot.

After that, we headed home....but first we had to stop by a feed and seed store.

After that, we headed home.

So, I walked into my house and was surprised to see my oldest daughter sitting in my den watching t.v. with her brother.

I threw my purse onto the kitchen counter as I asked her why she was hanging out at our house.  I was excited to see her.  I know she is grown and married with a house of her own but she will always be my baby.

After that, I wondered why she and her brother were looking at me with such amused expressions on their faces.

After that, I checked my shirt and smoothed my hair down because I get these looks often.

After that, I cautiously backed my way into the kitchen with our packages
and after that, I saw what my sweet children had been working so hard on all day long.  I have a beautifully painted kitchen with carefully and artfully place accessories.

And after that I realized how blessed I am to have been chosen to be the mother of these specific three children.

Thank you, Jordie, Phillip and Morgan.  And Tony.  :)


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  1. Just now catching up on your blog. What great kids you have - and what a gorgeous kitchen!