Saturday, July 17, 2010

I was in the dog house a while back....

I just wanted to help.

Tony has been trying to keep up three yards.

I thought that I would do one yard a day that week
so that he could spend his weekend on projects he
really wanted to do.

So I mowed our front yard one day.  It's scary because
we have this one bank that is almost a cliff.  I found out
that sometimes you have to go up and down the cliff hill
and not across because lawn mowers CAN tip over.

The next day I mowed our back yard. 

The backyard that looks
like this from the top.

And like this from the botttom.


Of course I congratulated myself the rest of
the day.  After all, I braved the sufficating
heat and the scary cliffs in the front AND backyard. 
I figured I gotta be racking up points in the
-I'll bet none of your friends' wives mow
the huge scary yards etc'-catagory of
Reasons Why Ann should Get Her Way This Time.

Having recieved sufficient praise and kudos
from the aforementioned spouse I decided
to tackle the yard at his former house that we
are using as a storage facility for all the stuff
we've been too lazy to move to the new house
,take to Goodwill or sell.  preparing to rent.

Front yard-easy!

Back yard-Ummmm...
that would be the yard that broke the lawn
mower.  The one he lurves! 

The grass was probably taller than the mower I was riding on.  No problem. 
I just had to use the highest setting, take it slow and things would be just fine.

I first noticed a problem when BLACK smoke began pouring from the engine
area. Using my MENSA like deductive skills to determine that there was a
problem, I quickly cut the engine off.

Then I exited the yard. 

And drove home.

The phone conversation later that day went like this:

Him-Hey, I just thought of something. You aren't gonna go try to mow the yard at my old house
are you?

Me-Um, yeah I did.

Him-Okay, well you just mowed the front, right?

Him-Oh.  Please tell me you didn't use the
love of my life
mower I love more than you
red mower.

Yeah, I'm gonna need to talk to you  about that.

That's about all of the conversation I can write here and still claim that
this is a family friendly blog........

Anyway, I was just trying to help.

Just sayin'...........

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  1. Soo funny but at least you didnt borrow the neighbors mower and make that black smoke!!! Yeah I did!! and She still doesnt know. Maybe you can tell her for me since you are a veteran.I agree with you about the things women will to to make that great spouse list. I think you are a hero!!