Friday, July 23, 2010

Yardsale Hell

I enjoy GOING to yardsales.
I HATE giving yardsales.
It's the whole getting up
at the crack of dawn thing.

I have been putting this off
for months.  I even advertised
it once but backed out the night

I left a note saying that unforseen
circumstances had arisen. 

I think I might have opened the
door to bad yardsale karma.

It's gonna be okay though because
this time I have two secret weapons.

My daughter and my cousin.
Sad that it takes both of them to
light a fire under me.'s working.

I have four rooms STUFFED with
Wall to wall junk stuff.

You name it......
Betcha I've got it!

Toys, books, clothes, dishes,
crystal, fine china, appliances,
school supplies, educator resources,
furniture, home decor, craft
supplies, linens, curtains, rugs,
plastic plants, electronics.......

I might even slap a sticker on
a kid or two.....
or three....

Y'all come on by this weekend.

I'll probably throw the kids in for

Just sayin'......

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