Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Job

That strange sound you hear is me whining.

"I am trying to trap it up in my mouth but it keeps squeezing out." The previous sentence is a direct quote from one of my home grown (as opposed to my school kids) kids. 

Of course, I am trying no harder to keep the whines 'trapped up' than my then three year old did.


It's not what I do that forces me to whine incessantly.

It's the unnatural hour I am forced to rise each day.

I would prefer to start the Kindergarten day around.......hmmm.......10:00 seems to me like a perfectly reasonable time.

Just sayin'............

Then there is the whole rushing around thing. 

You know, get up, rush through a shower, make-up and wardrobe issues, rush various numbers of homemade kids out the door, rush through traffic, rush 5 year olds around all day.

(Five year olds NEVER hurry when you need them too.
They only hurry when it is dangerous to do so OR when they are the line leader. And that's the gospel truth.
Ask any kindergarten teacher.)

The rushing around continues when the work day is over.

There are errands, dinner, e-mail, kids to take places, Facebook, homework, housework, blogs to read, bills to figure out how to pay because the governor has furloughed us, dogs to take care of, internet to surf, work to finish from work because there's never time to do it AT work and at some point I like to go to bed.

It's a good thing I love my job.

And I do very much.

Just sayin'.........

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