Sunday, August 1, 2010

There is a blog I check obsessively throughout the day and honestly throughout the night at times.

It is the story of Ashley.
A tiny, little girl with the spirit of David the giant killer. 

And she is in battle with a real life Goliath.

Ashley came into this world in a fight for her life and she has beaten back enemy after enemy after enemy.  She has fought to survive a multiple organ transplant and she has fought to survive cancer.

Ashley will be five years old soon.  Much of her five years have been a struggle. Nothing at all has come easy for her but she has a sparkle in her eyes and a smile that embodies the word merriment.

Ashley now battles a giant named rejection. The details of this excruciating fight has been documented in her story and you can learn about them there. I encourage you to go and read and experience the horror that she endures. I never knew the torture that rejection inflicts on it's intended victim.

Ashley fought so very hard to keep her transplanted bowel but eventually her surgeons were forced to remove it before the thing that once saved her wound up killing her.

Ashley and her family now wait. Only God knows what is next. Only He can see around the corner.

Ashley can survive without a bowel. 

For a little while.

You see, her veins are damaged from the countless IVs and pokes and surgeries and they are now unable to support the central line she needs in order to survive long enough to recover.

She needs this line people.
Her life depends on it.

She also needs to remain infection free.

And all this for SIX months before another transplant has any hope of being even considered.

God has not abandoned Ashley. Just as he gave David, He has given her a sling and three stones.

Her solid rocks are her mom, her dad, her brother and her sister. And they, like Ashley, rest in a sling in the hand of God.

Below are links to her blog and her Facebook page.

Please pass this on to your friends. You can link back to this blog if you need to.

Pray for her please. Pray hard.

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  1. I am praying for Ashley and her family.

  2. Thank you for such passionate words on Ashley's behalf and the trust you express in Gods ability to heal. I appreciate Asleys faith and will indeed plead with Jesus for her complete healing. Thank you for standing in the gap, it speaks highly of your character and heart to join in the fight. I know she is blessed to have you as a friend.