Monday, August 9, 2010

So Glad You are Mine

It's been a rough day today.
The tears have fallen more than once.
Every other August 8th I have gotten a 
phone call early in the morning. I tried for
years to be the one to call them but my mother
always beat me to it. Smile. She and Dad always
said, "I'm so glad you are mine." And I always said, "Me too!"

My father has
dreaded this month.
They would have celebrated
their wedding anniversary next weekend.

of that painful day
must be awful for him. I
called my father as soon
as I was sure he would be
out of church. It broke my
heart to realize that he dreaded
August 14 so much that he forgot August 8.

It's okay though.
That's the kind of
thing that grief does
to you. It is like trying
to find your way through
a dense fog.  It blurs your
eyesight so that it is all you
can do to keep your feet on the
pathway of life. I know that Mom
would want me to make my daddy's
world as okay as I can. So that is what
I tried to do. Hopefully, my voice was just
as happy and as cheerful as I wanted it to be.

As many of us as are
able will gather together
August 8, 1962
The day I found my family
at the restaurant that Mom
always chose for their anniversary
dinner. We have gathered there many
times before to celebrate one thing or another.

I hope that
it helps us all.

Tonight, when all the
kids are in bed and I finally
stop working on lesson plans
I will whisper to my Mom.

I'm so glad you chose me.

Just sayin'.............


  1. All through the weekend I knew there was something I supposed to remember - something important, but it just would not come to me...and then I saw your post. I never had to remember because Momma always reminded me - "it's Ann's anniversary today. How many more things will I forget along the way - we all depended on her so much. I am sorry I did not remember but you know I love you and cherish your friendship and our sisterhood so very much.

    I noticed as I was looking at pictures of your first day with us that I always wanted to be touching you - even if I could not hold you.

    Today - a few days late - I am holding you in my heart (I always do),

  2. You know, she was the keeper of birthdays and anniversaries and I think we all need to agree to forgive each other's forgetfulness. I never feel unloved or forgotten by my family. She remembered for us so it is understandable that some special dates will pass while we all wonder why we feel as if we are forgetting something. We must always remember that the date does not hold the power. The memories hold the power. The dates will only come once a year but our memories of being chosen for each other can fill our hearts all day, every day! I love you sister!!!!!