Friday, August 13, 2010

I once posted that the last three days of school see this post were among the longest I had ever experienced in my life........Yeah, so I'm taking that back.

For the first time EVER in my 20 something career, our students started the school year on a Monday.

I know that starting on a Monday must make sense to the rest of the world and for a small moment I thought that I might like having five consecutive days to work on procedures and rules with the small people I am called to civilize this year.

Five year olds have an impeccable memory if you have promised them ice cream. But their memory is not so good about things like no screaming in the bathroom. I foolishly thought five days without a break might help improve the memories of the little critters.

I would tell you if my hypothesis was proven right or wrong but my feet are screaming so loudly I can't concentrate.


When I stand up and try to walk it feels as if my feet are four times their normal size.

They aren't. But they hurt.

Even if my feet weren't hurting, the crushing fatigue I am experiencing has rendered me incapable of any ability to form coherent thoughts.

It could be argued that the younger the child, the more energy required to usher them through the school day.

It could also be argued that the younger the child, the more words required to usher them through the school day.

I have repeated every thing I have said no less than three times. Everything.  Three times. At least.

It is becoming so ingrained that this morning when I stopped by McDonald's for a large sweet tea as a reward for living through the year week, the cashier asked me if the three large sweet teas were separate orders or all on the same order.

My co-workers and I are starting a petition to be paid by the word. If it works out I foresee an early retirement and a summer home in Italy.

In five short days I have already heard more OINKs and even said a few OINKs myself. I have also witnessed the creation of new letter names that will astound you.

By the way........I love, love, love my class. 
They are quirky and funny and sweet. 

Just sayin......................

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