Sunday, February 6, 2011

I am writing this post in an effort to put off writing lesson plans.

Shouldn't there be some sort of stipulation in our contracts that excuses those with 20+ years of experience from writing lesson plans?

Really. All I need is a list to remind me what comes next and I'd be just fine. Everybody has something that comes as natural as breathing and teaching fits me like a pair of perfectly fitting panties. (I apoligize to my home grown children who will be mortified that thier mother wrote 'panties' on her blog)

You know what I mean.

A pair of badly fitting panties will ruin your entire day and will prevent you from thinking about anything else at all. A good pair however, just does the job.

The thing I need a plan for is how to find the glasses I've lost or the cell phone I was using just a few seconds ago.

The scary thing is that usually the glasses are on top of my head. As for the cell phone?  Well.....I am usually talking to someone on it while I am feverishly digging through my purse.

Teaching comes easy to me most of the time. I love watching a child use a strategy I have taught them. 

Finding the worksheet I JUST gave directions for is another story.

I have always been absent minded. I think that the people around me daily are used to it now and I am daily grateful to be working with little children.

The little ones eagerly help me look for my pen or my sunglasses and don't seem to think that it is out of the ordinary to have to point out to their teacher that her glasses are perched on her head or hanging from the neck of her blouse.

Lesson plans?

Completely unnecessary at this point in my career.

What I really need is a GPS locator for the marker I was using just a minute ago.

And maybe one for my car keys too.

Just sayin'................

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