Monday, February 21, 2011

News From Grady

I suppose necessity IS the mother of invention.

For some reason Grady Hospital doesn't see fit to allow me access to their Wi-Fi network. Apparently they do not recognize my degree from SOAP OPERA Medical, my graduate degrees from MOTHERHOOD Medical and ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER Medical or my doctorate from GOOGLE Medical.

I get the same sort of reaction from my doctor.
Frankly, it is becoming a bit tiresome.

Marlin is holding his own.

He remains on the vent and will do so indefinitely.
His doctors were unable to find a source of infection and continue to be puzzled as to the reason for his high temperature and his bout with the crazies. They will continue to keep him heavily sedated and on the vent until they are sure that there will be no repeat performance of Marlin From Outer Space.

They tell me his burns are healing as expected.
I wish I could lay eyes on them so I could form my own medical opinion but apparentlytheres that whole medical degree thing.(See above)

He may be facing a skin graft or two but the burns at least are following a normal pattern of healing.

We ask that you pray for the following things:
Complete healing of the burns without the need of skin grafts.
Wisdom for the doctors as they seek the source of the other issues that hinder his recovery.
Peace of mind for Marlin as he sleeps and heals.
Deliverance from the negative emotions that follow any accident.
Strength for my father and sister who are in the midst of their busy season.

Lastly, I want to give thanks for the way my children and husband have stepped up to the plate to make this as easy as possible for me. For my siblings because we love each other no matter what. For my know who you are and you know what we do for each other. Box put us together for a reason.
For Chris who saved my baby brother's life. For bosses who have created a spirit filled work place and who allow us to put family first without guilt when we need to.

One more thing.......
I am typing this on my teeny tiny phone keyboard. Therefore, I deny all responsibility for the random periods that may show up between words instead of spaces.

Just sayin'............

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