Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Raining....again

Several consecutive days of rain, the bane of teachers
of the younger set, have just about sent my co-workers
and I running for the hills.

Our students have so much pent up energy many of
them are falling from their chairs due to excessive
wiggling. Yes! Young children can and will fall from
their chairs for no apparent reason.

On the bright side...

I am so glad that rain boots are making a come back among the younger set!

It makes me happy to see them clomping around the classroom or lined up against the wall.

They remind me that I am working with children-not pint-sized adults.

As if the copious amount of nasal issues
I am dealing with would allow me to

Five year olds may be cute in rain boots,
but they are not so good at blowing their noses.

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