Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life In A Burn Unit ICU

I was only able to sit with Marlin for a couple of hours today.

The nurses usually re-dress his burns aound 10:00. Right now it takes two nurses almost two hours to unwrap, dress the burns and wash off the yuck from the day before and then re-wrap everything.

Family members are kicked out for this whole process.
Believe me when I say it is for the best.

Things were still much the same for Marlin. 
He was stable and seemed restful although extemely sweaty.
It is so hot in his room that even I am too warm.  He is going to be ill about that when he wakes up. I have never known a more hot natured person.

I will post again later today when I have a better update.
Please keep those prayers coming.

Last night I started a little peek into my day but gave up after describing my morning routine. It is so hard to type on a teeny tiny phone screen and even harder to see if I am typing the right words.

6:00 A.M.- Give up pretending to sleep and sit up. Try to act like you don't realize your hair is sticking up like the Joker from Batman. Maybe if you pretend it isn't as amazing as you know it is others will pretend alond with you.

6:10-Shuffle to the public restroom with everything of value that you have brought to pass the time.  This will require both hands, the crook of an elbow and a shoulder or two.

6:11-Wonder why the Hayhira you brought so much stuff. Particularly the five magazines you haven't touched yet, the laptop that you KNEW wouldn't be acessing the internet AND the IPad.

6:12-Try to remove the clothes you slept in without allowing any uncovered skin touch any surface. Remember that the lock on the door is broken. Stare at the door while you undress hoping that the others in the waiting room will alert any newcomers that this restroom is occupied.

6:13-Put on the baggy yoga pants you bought to wear because your jeans are too tight and may cut off circulation to your legs.

6:15-Wonder how to wash without a washcloth.

6:20-Realize the bathroom has no paper towels.

6:21-Say CRAP under your breath and wash anyway.

6:26-Try to pat yourself dry with your cleanest item from the day before.

6:28-Put on the baggy yoga pants you bought to wear because your jeans are too tight and may cut off circulation to your legs.

6:30-See yourself in the mirror and realize no amount of hairspray will help that hot mess on your head.

6:31-Wonder how you will dry your hair with no towel.
Remember the McDonald's napkins you saved from yesterday's dinner.

6:32-Wedge your head under the faucet and wash your hair.

6:35-Try to soak up some of the water with the McDonald's napkins.

6:36-Use the hand dryer to dry your hair just like you did when you were in High School and your hair got wet when you ran from the car into the McDonald's and you didn't want anyone to think you had gotten your hair wet when you ran from the car into the McDonald's.

6:43-Sincerely thank God for prompting the Fabulous and Incrediabley Talented Cade to suggest cutting your hair extra short at your last visit and that you said, "Go for it!"

6:44-Gather up everything you brought with you into the bathroom.

6:45-Wonder why the hayhira you brought SO. MUCH. STUPID. STUFF!

6:46-Wonder what your big hurry was...you can't get back in to see your brother until 8:00........

Just sayin'..........

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  1. Ann - having just spent several days in an ICU with Mama I know exactly how you feel. My sister and I joked we were pack mules. I, too, had magazines that I never even opened. I was a little luckier with my iPad I had the ATT 3G. God bless all of you.