Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Always a fan of putting first things first,
here is the latest update of Marlin's condition.

Doctor's continued the heavy sedation today and will continue to to do so tomorrow also.

IF, the pneumonia responds to the antibiotics and clears up enough, the doctors will begin to reduce the sedation on Thursday with the goal of allowing Marlin to completely wake up and then remove him from the ventilator.

Please, please keep those prayers coming.

In other news.................

my house is a wreck.

We are getting ready to host an engagement party in two weeks. As usual, it takes an 'event' to motivate me to get busy on home improvement projects. Apparently, I really do work best under pressure.

We have several simultaneous projects going on
tree removal and landscaping
fence building
sprinkler system repair.

We have even hung a few pictures on the wall.

It is very exciting to see everything slowing coming together.

I will post pictures soon.

I have only been disappointed in one project.

It's the painting.

I don't get it!  I hired real professionals.

I THOUGHT that when they painted the kitchen
I would get a few nights off of kitchen duty!

Apparently, stoves and ovens work even in the vicinity of wet paint.

That seems so wrong to me.

Just sayin'......................

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