Saturday, March 5, 2011

Next Up-Pneumonia

It was really just a matter of time.

Yesterday, Marlin's doctors asked for permission to perform a bronchoscopy. They felt it necessary to take samples for testing and to remove some of the fluids that seemed to be building up in his lungs.

This morning they called me as Genie and I were just finishing up with breakfast to ask permission to do another one.

Seems the samples from yesterday grew out pneumonia.

Genie headed back inside the hospital to sign the paper work and I headed home for a few days.

Pneumonia is why I have been so eager for him to be taken off the ventilator.

Frankly, I still don't understand why he has remained on for this long. It seems like each doctor I ask....
has a different answer. 

One doctor says that Marlin is having too much difficulty waking up from the sedation. That he should be more awake right now and that we have to wait until that happens.

Another says that he becomes too agitated when he does wake up.
And that he needs to wake calmly.


I don't think I would wake calmly in this situation.

I know these doctors are top notch.
Grady is a Level 1 Trauma Hospital and person after person has told me that this is where we need to be.  More importantly, I have witnessed the level of compassion and the expertise they have.

Well.......there is one I don't exactly love,
but now that I have diagnosed him I understand how to deal with him. 
I'll write all about Dr. Aspergers another day. Just know that he can't really help his lack of bedside manners.

All joking aside, I know who the real doctors are. 


(You knew there would be one didn't you?)

I am who I am.
I need to know the whys and the becauses.
My own doctor knows that I can be irritatingly non-compliant until I know WHY.

We are frustrated. 
It is so very hard to be unable to help Marlin. 

Here are the prayer requests we have for today.
I hope it is helpful to have a list of specific needs.
It is immensely comforting to us as a family to know that many others are praying for the same things we are.

Please join us in thanking God for:

the complete healing of the burns on Marlin's face, head and hands.
the doctors and nurses who care for him
the nurses who have gone above and beyond
the suite of rooms that we have available now for sleeping and showering
the safe travels we have all had to and from Atlanta
the safety we have had walking to and from our rooms and the hospital

Please join us in asking for:

complete healing of the serious burns and skin grafts on Marlin's legs
wisdom and revelation for the doctors as they search for an answer to this continued state of semi consciousness
healing from the pneumonia
continued travel safety and 'walking safety'
peace and serenity for Marlin as he wakes and as he remembers what has happened
pain relief
removal from the ventilator as soon as possible 

Also, please feel free to share this blog address and our need for prayers with your own friends and family.

Every prayer matters......

Just sayin'.......................................

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  1. What a great picture of Marlin! Prayers are continuing. I hope you get answers from the medical professionals.