Thursday, March 10, 2011

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Good News First

Doctors have been slowly reducing the dosage of the sedatives Marlin is receiving and he is beginning to wake up. My father says that he is restless but he is hanging in there.  We are praying that they can remove him from the vent very soon. His skin grafts have been very successful and they are quite pleased with their healing.

We have a new emergency situation to ask you to pray about.

I received a phone call just a few moments ago. My niece, Jamey, was calling to let me know that my sister-in-law's mom (We all call her Nana) may have had a stroke. The Milledgeville branch of our clan is headed to the hospital as I type this.

Please pray for our family.

It feels as if we have targets on our backs lately.

Just sayin'.........................

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  1. Although this may not feel comforting, I just have to say Satan only attacks those who are a threat and You and your family are a huge threat in the evils ones schemes because You and your family are full of the LOVE of GOD and it shows.But you see as you know we serve an awesome Savior Jesus who at the cross has already won this battle for us. Keep the armour of rightousness on and have peace that these battles have already been won.. Continuing to pray for your whole family..