Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I just tried to type the word 'WOW' but I actually typed SOS.

Freudian slip?  You betcha!

I am feeling the stress today.

SOS is quite appropriate.

I am not sleeping, my chest is tight and my neck and
shoulders are as tight as a Marine's bunk during
basic training. And I'm hanging on to some hurt feelings
and disappointments.

I need some serious relaxation.

I'm thinking a good book, warm sun, waves and
sand between my toes kind of relaxation.

Marlin is improving but I think he might tell
you that he had a crappy day.

He is still on the vent via a tracheotomy.
His skin grafts are looking good.
He is awake and aware.
He is not.very.happy.at.all!

I really can't blame him and I may be projecting
my own issues onto him.  However, i have to believe
that waking up to a machine breathing for you is
more that a little frightening, uncomfortable and

I hate not being there with him and I dread going back
on Thursday.  I don't dread taking care of my brother and
I don't dread the drive up or getting behind on housework
or work work. :)

I dread the helplessness I know I will feel.
I dread not being able to make it better.

We have several prayer requests tonight.

Complete healing for his burns and successful
skin grafts.
That no more surgery will be needed.
Stable vital signs.
Peace for Marlin's mind. Perfect peace that
comes from God.
Rest for Marlin tonight and a peaceful, restful
day tomorrow.
Quick resolution of the lung issues that require
him to be on a ventilator.
Wisdom for the doctors and nurses and compassion from
them also.
Good rest and productive, peaceful days for Genie as she
divides her time between tax season, pastoring a church and
taking a turn caring for our brother.
Good health and safe travel for our dad who seems to think
he is really just an elderly looking 25 year old.

If you have any time left over I could use some prayer, too.

I'm struggling.
And I know I don't have too.
But it's hard for me to open up my fist
and let go of MY plan and wait for God
to reveal His plan.

It's so very much easier said than done.

SOS, Lord.

Just sayin'.............................

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