Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dear Lesson Plans,

I don't like you anymore.

I used to take great pride in having you done weeks in advance. 
But those days left when teacher's manuals and basal readers became
the latest bad words in the vocabulary of educators.

Funny thing about that is
that kids learned to read just fine
back when teachers had a manual to follow.
Actually, there is nothing new in this world people. 
Education, like everything else in life is a cycle.
It's all been done before. 
The Powers That Be just switch it up a bit,
stick a new name on it 
and tell teachers to do it.
Then they try something else in a couple of years.

Just sayin'........

Anyway, Lesson Plans, you are a life stressor I could do without. 

You see, I know the plan.  

I've done this for years now and sometimes having to write it down is just another thing to procrastinate. 

I'm a list person. 
I like to have a column of things to do and to mark them off as I go. 
If only you could be done that way I might feel a little less animosity.

Here it is 9:01 on Sunday night and instead of finishing up the plans I started Thursday of last week
I am blogging. 

I blame you, Lesson Plans. 
I am certainly not going to blame myself.  
After all, It's my blog!

Just sayin'..................

PS-I'm working on a few new OINK stories and some stories about trees falling in our yard, and then more falling and stuck refrigerators and just how life here in this house by the lake never seems to go as planned. Plus, I've got to introduce you to the newest Chosen Baby in our extended family.

See why lesson plans are such a drag?!?!?  Smile.

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