Monday, September 13, 2010

That'll Show Him

Everyone knew they were my favorite shoes.


I wore them every time dark brown shoes were

Every time.

They were worn down and worn out but they never once
made my feet hurt.

Not even once.

I'm pretty sure my feet covered up the worst parts.

Well most of the worst parts.

OKAY! Some of the worst parts.

Anyway, those shoes chased fleeing kindergartners
as well as tennis shoes and slipped on and off quickly
under my desk or while working with a small group at their table.

I loved them.

Since moving in with Buddy the dog henceforth know as Satan
and a known shoe murderer, I have been careful to keep my shoes put away. 

Even so, another favorite pair of black flip flops is no longer a pair. One of them was stolen from the closet-(the one without a door, I don't know why! It was like that when we moved in!) and either completely eaten or maybe hidden. I've held on to one lonely flip flop just in case the other has not been consumed but is merely held hostage. 


The best brown shoes in the whole world were somehow hidden beneath an ottoman.

I missed them.  But he didn't.  Dumb dog.

Friday night I told my husband I was headed out to shop.  He said,
"Why don't you get yourself a new pair of shoes?"

"I don't need a new pair." 

"Trust me," he said. "Get yourself a new pair of shoes."

Like a solid punch to the stomach,  I knew.

Soooooo, I went shopping

and bought myself

a new.......


That'll show Buddy Satan him.

Just sayin'......................


  1. I smile each time I read your posts. It sounds just like you used to, many years ago(won't say how many)! Love reading these!

  2. This is so funny. I love the way you tell a story.