Sunday, September 5, 2010

If You Can Read This-Then Please Pray With Us

Our school family has lost a much loved member. We have lost one of our own. Words cannot express the depth of our shock and our grief.  

I have taught at this school for 27 years now and it has always felt like a family. We take care of our own whether it be faculty or student. We don't always agree with each other and we can be as petty as anyone else can but we always, always take care of each other.

Because in the end....that's what families do.

Each time I closed my eyes last night I saw the beautiful face of our friend. Amy had a smile that not only seemed to be a permanent fixture on her face but it could light up a room. As great as her smile was it didn't compare to her laugh. When Amy laughed-you laughed. She was smart and funny and good at her job. She made it clear that she loved her husband and her boys! In fact, some teased her about how much she loved her husband. She just laughed and told them that they were just jealous. If you knew Amy, then you knew that she loved, loved, loved those boys of hers.

I have heard from many others that they too were unable to sleep. On our minds and in our prayers were her husband who lay critically injured in a hospital and her children. Her babies. One thought ran through my mind over and over....Oh, God her boys...please don't take their daddy. 

Today the news about Amy's husband Brian was more encouraging and we know more about how this unnecessary, horrible tragedy happened.

Grief mixed with anger can be a lethal combination. At times, I find myself completely overwhelmed with anger that someones irresponsible, illegal, selfish decision cost a husband his wife, two precious boys their mother and countless others a piece of their hearts.

Sometimes it is downright inconvenient to be the adult. Personally, I'd like to lay down on the floor and scream and kick my feet. Hearts this broken feel every emotion as keenly as the sharpest knife and it will be hard for us to rise above the pain and anger but guess what?     

We will.

We will because we are family and family takes care of it's own.  We will love those little children entrusted to us each day and we will help them to make some kind of sense out of this mess.  We will comfort them and grieve with them as they began to realize that an adult they have come to know and love will not be coming back to school.

We will rise above this pain and anger because our school family answers to a higher authority than any school administrator or superintendent.  We teach because we are called. We will do what we always do. We will take care of our kids first and then....

well then,

we'll take care of each other.

Because that's what we do at RES.

Just sayin'..........................


  1. Ann,
    You have an amazing way with words! You are a great spokesperson for all of us at Russell! You explained things in the best possible way.
    Grace Lee

  2. Thank you Ann for putting these thoughts and feelings down for all of us. You are always such an eloquent speaker and you certainly described my state of mind perfectly. I did love Amy so much, she was so much fun to work with but at this time of loss I am so blessed to have my family and my Russell family to support me.~Angie

  3. It's amazing how you write what we all are feeling. When you called me last night my heart wanted to run to my Russell family and just hug. When my Russell family hurts I hurt.
    I pray that God will put His arms around us and bring us together and allow us to experience His healing love and grace
    Thank you friend for using your gift of writing.
    Kathy G

  4. Wow Mrs. Ann! You are an amazing writer! I never knew you had this AWESOME talent! I did not know Amy as well as the rest of you all did, but she always had that smile you spoke of and it will be greatly missed. I am not on staff with you ladies but I feel like I am apart of the RES family and I want all of you to know that I am praying for you and love all of you very much!
    Abby H.

  5. Thank you Ann. A lovely tribute to Amy and her loving spirit. You have stated what many of us are feeling and have felt over the last 36 hours. We appreciate your words and thoughts and we will with God's help take care of one another. Sheila B.

  6. Ann,
    What a blessing to read your words expressing what so many are feeling and encouraging everyone to hang in there together, to gain strength from God and from each other. I'll be praying for you all. Love, Sheila Clopton

  7. Thank you, Ann for saying what we are all feeling. RES is a special place and I am so thankful to be a part of it.
    Anne B.