Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nature is Sometimes Highly Over-rated

A few days ago I headed down the stairs leading from the back porch to the yard. I generally take my time walking down these stairs. Our house by the lake sits so high on a hill that the view is always worth a few extra moments.

This time of year I can see turtles in the lake and the ducks and geese that fill our days with noise honks and quacks.

Sounds a lot like my day in the classroom.


The tree that grows beside the landing is so beautiful to me. I love to see it's dark branches silhouetted against the winter sky as much as I love to watch the limbs transform into luscious blooms and deep green leaves.

This is what it looks like as I descend the stairs.

One day during my Spring Break

I was more than a little

surprised to see this

fellow staring at me

from it's hiding place.

He was apparently digesting the TWO! large bulges visible along
it's thick, long, intimidating body.

No one ever told me that SNAKES! grew on trees.

It's worse than snakes on a plane.

Frankly I would prefer that all snakes live....I dunno...
at my neighbors.

Just kidding.


Just sayin'......................................

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