Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Uncle Fermor

On April 6, 2012
my father's beloved older brother
Fermor Robinson Hargrove, Jr.
slipped away from this earth and flew
to heaven where he joined his sweet wife Mattie Beall, his baby boy Robbie and his daughter Sue.

Uncle Fermor was one of those people that others loved to be around. No one is happy all the time but I cannot recall a time when I saw my Uncle frown.

He wore a string tie everyday, drove up until a few months ago
and had an amazing memory. In fact, he had a better memory
than most people I know!  

While Uncle Fermor certainly had his share of life's tragedies
you were guaranteed a smile and a hug anytime you were in his

He buried a baby boy and a daughter.
Both taken suddenly and far, far too soon.
He also buried a wife he loved very much.

In the eulogy my daddy gave this afternoon he said that
he had seen his brother beat up by life a few times but
he had never ever seen him bitter.

That is a trait we should all aspire to emulate.

This afternoon my daddy stood in one of many pulpits
he has stood in and spoke as he has so many times before.
We southerners call it preaching a funeral.

This must have been one of the hardest funerals he has
taken part in but he paid great homage to his brother.

I know that all of my daddy's children were proud of the
strength and courage he exhibited today.

Daddy spoke of love and loss and hope.
He spoke of the peace and the eternal life we
are promised.

He spoke of the love and friendship
shared by two brothers.

He spoke of a man who will be missed by so many.

Just sayin'......................

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