Sunday, April 8, 2012

You Might Be A Teacher If.........

One lesson I have learned while spending most of my time
hanging out with five year olds is that sometimes it is best for
the teacher to face some issues (pun intended) openly and honestly.

Sometimes those who live mostly in the world of adults
and politeness
and good manners
are very surprised at what some of our classroom
discussions might include.

You might be a teacher if
you can say any of the following without flinching.

Everybody passes gas.

Passing gas

Yes, lots of people do say fart at home but at school we try to remember to say pass gas.

I did not just say a cuss word I just said an impolite word.

We don't have to scream or act crazy every time someone passes gas.

We are not going to argue about who just passed gas.

We do not yell out DANG! when one of our friends passes gas.

I am NOT laughing because someone passed gas I just have a tickle in my throat.

Please do not say ewwwww and try to change seats with someone else during group time.

Yes, I know something smells bad. Let's keep reading.

And finally, when the situation is unbearable....

Okay, whoever is passing gas needs to go to the restroom.
As a matter of fact, let's all go.

It's a smelly job
But it's still the best job in the world.

Just saying'...........

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