Sunday, April 15, 2012

The One Who Speaks the Truth

We sat together at the small round table.
Our heads were close together as we both looked at the work she never finds as engaging as say...
the sound of someone else breathing
the hem of her pants.

I'm gonna help you get finished so you can have some free time, I say in my special-I'm being ever so patient with you-teacher voice.

Nodding, she sticks out her tongue in the position required for hard work.

I watch as she carefully writes letters.

Keep going, don't stop I urge. Pay attention I admonish. Focus on your work, look back at your paper I say in my super fancy slightly high pitched-I'm hanging on to my patience by a thread-teacher voice.

Finally, the last letter is painstakingly written and she looks up at me as I wearily cheer for her.

She gazes into my eyes for several moments and I wait for the heartfelt thanks that must be coming.

Your eyes look red and bad, she says.  Maybe you need to get a little sun.

That was the sound of my head hitting the table.

She keeps me humble, that one.

Just sayin'......................


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